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About Us

Part-Time or Interim Financial Executives for every Challenge.

Small and mid-sized businesses need the support of a strong Finance Executive. Not everyone however, can afford or even needs to staff one on a full-time basis. With more than 10 years of experience in Executive Finance Roles, we can put big business methods and experience to work for you with dramatic impact, often in just a few hours a month.

In much the same way as you may outsource your legal work, having your financial functions managed by a trusted, Anthurico will make your business more efficient and profitable.

  • Would you like useful information to run your company successfully?
  • Is your business successful but you cannot identify the exact source of success?
  • Do you need an accurate forecast of cash flow in six months’ time?
  • Do you need experienced, strategic input to move your business forward?
  • Would you like more time to focus on operational and sales tasks?

Join a Growing Trend

More and more fast-growing companies are following the growing trend of employing financial staff on a part-time or interim basis, saving the considerable expense of a full-time person. Increasingly, businesses are turning to these flexible sources of skills and expertise. At Anthurico, we are able to provide you with Financial Manager and Chief Financial Officers on a part-time or interim basis – for exactly the length of time you need them and no longer. This makes sense in the current economic climate.

Part Time

ANTHURICO provides flexible financial and executive solutions to companies needing additional help at peak times or at key points in the company’s development, with no long-term commitment or labour legislation hassles.

ANTHURICO can help you, as an entrepreneur or business executive, to access an experienced financial expert with a business focus. This will ultimately assist you in making better-informed decisions and in taking greater control, all without the need for unnecessary overhead.

We are able to add value immediately to your business, without the burden of full-time employment factors such as: interview processes, training, induction, employment contracts and employee tax consequences. They are available from as little as two days per month and each solution is based upon the client’s unique requirements.

From time to time every business requires additional support from experienced individuals on an interim or project basis, to take care of roles whilst permanent staff are not available in instances such as maternity leave, transitions, resignations etc. Then there are those projects that have to be delivered but where permanent resources are just too thinly stretched to be able to contribute. Our team of experienced individuals is available to meet your Interim and Project requirements in a tailor-made solutio

Why it Works

No upfront placement fee associated with full-time placements.

We charge an all-inclusive hourly/daily rate depending on the type of engagement and as a result there are no hidden costs. The price you pay INCLUDES annual leave, sick leave, pension/provident fund contributions, medical aid, travelling allowances, incentive bonuses and the like. These hidden costs can add between 20 to 50 percent to your cost of employment. With ANTHURICO you pay for hours worked. Nothing more.

The last thing any business owner needs is more risk in their lives and these days full-time employment comes with a lot of it. At ANTHURICO we don’t tie you in to lengthy contracts. We ask for a 30-day commitment from our clients. If we are not adding value, ask us to leave

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