Financial Management

Expert Financial Management for your Business

Many business owners and managers do not have the time to handle the day-to-day financial management that is crucial for business sustainability and growth. Anthurico provides part-time financial management services to assist with cash flow management, budgeting, business reporting and expenses management. We also help companies prepare for audit assessments.

Cash Flow Management

It is absolutely critical that you know exactly what your cash balance is. Cash flow management is a challenge for almost any firm, large or small. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to cash flow problems since they frequently operate with inadequate cash reserves or none at all and, worse, tend to miss the implications of negative cash flow until it’s too late.

It is common to see a business run out of cash even as it generates great sales and profits. This is repeatedly the cause of business failure but can be prevented.

For financing purposes, cash flow projections are generally the most crucial aspect of the business plan. Bankers and other sources of financing will almost always look for a cash flow analysis in addition to any other financial statements because this will show how the loan can be repaid.

You need to perform a cash flow analysis on a regular basis. We can help you with your cash management requirements. These would include among others cash flow forecasting and monitoring mechanisms, working capital management, and negotiating better payment and collection terms

expert financial management

Business Reporting

Being able to access all the information you need whenever you need it, can make a huge difference to the way you manage your business.

Having all your business data available means that you can spot gaps and weaknesses immediately, have clear visibility over the future and make daily corrections to ensure you are en route to your business goals.

  • Produce monthly management accounts/reports within 10 days of month end so the data is fresh and relevant
  • Produce management reporting package that is relevant for your business and helps you to make the right decisions
  • Determine your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allowing you to see at a glance what’s driving the business
  • Prepare a company dashboard which is an At-a-Glance Snapshot of the economic reality of the numbers inside your company. Dashboard integrates all financial statements into 1-page report
  • Establish reporting processes and create back-office systems to support the business reporting process

Audit Assistance

It is year-end again. Your auditors are coming and you need to be prepared to answer their questions and queries.

Are you ready?  Was your last audit late? Did it cost more than it should have? Delayed audits cause chaos in your organization, distract you from managing your core business and cause pain with late reports.

We can help you with preparing all the audit documentation and account analysis that the auditors will require. You may find it beneficial to have me assist you in preparing for the audit by providing the accounting or financial expertise your auditor is not permitted to provide due to standards of independence.

Expense Reduction

Expert expense reduction will help you to increase your profits through improved contract negotiations, vendor analysis and comprehensive account management.

We can help you slash your business costs quickly. We survey your current services, identify inefficiencies and overcharges and present you with a cost-savings analysis that may be both retroactive and future-forward. We will make sure your expenditures are in line with your revenue goals.

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