Financial Planning & Insurance

Personal and Business Financial Planning Advisory Services

Anthurico has the specialised expertise to assist businesses and individuals with their financial planning requirements. With our in-depth knowledge of analysing business and personal financial and accounting records, together with decades of experience in this arena, we are well placed to assess financial risk and advise on solutions for long-term financial security and wealth planning.

Financial Planning Services

  • Short Term Insurance
  • Medical Aid
  • Wealth Planning
  • Retirement Annuities

Medical Aid

Health insurance has become a complex arena. Medical aid schemes offer multiple plans and benefits, requiring consumers to fully understand the options in order to make an informed decision. Anthurico and their partners are in the ideal position to assess your financial risk and liability and advise on the right medical aid package to serve your best interests. We will help understand and make choices about the types of cover, chronic illness benefits, medical aid savings accounts and much more. We can advise on both personal and business group medical aid policy.

Short-Term Insurance

At Anthurico we can assist you with short-term insurance policies that best meet your individual or business needs. You will be advised on what is most cost-effective and affordable, taking budget and cash flow into consideration. There’s so much more to short-term insurance than getting a ‘good-deal’. You will get advice on risk and liability, asset depreciation, policy benefits and the credentials of various insurance providers. Anthurico and their own accredited insurance advisors will advise you in advance so that your insurance claim experience is ultimately seamless and trouble-free.

Retirement Annuities

Retirement annuities come in various forms. While they are designed to ensure a secure financial future and guarantee a steady income after retirement, there are both pros and cons that consumers need to be aware of. The complexities of fees, tax rates and limitations can be a minefield to navigate. In addition, the impact of lack in liquidity needs to be factored in. As your accountant and financial advisor, Anthurico can help you understand the implications of various policies, protect you from hidden costs and choose the right product for your individual needs. Our objective is to protect your best interests and help you gain maximum return on your investments.

Wealth Planning

Anthurico and our partners have expertise in financial management which extends to investment advisory services. We can advise you on a customized investment strategy to protect and grow your financial assets. Our advisory service covers financial and investment advice, estate planning, tax advice and retirement planning. Wealth planning requires a holistic approach to planning for your current and future needs. As your accountant and financial advisor, we are well placed to make the best decision to maximise your return on investment and secure long-term financial freedom.

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