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Accurate and Efficient Business, Trusts and Sole Proprietor Tax Services

Our Tax Services

  • Business Income Tax – Completing and Submitting of returns including Provisional Tax returns
  • Sole Proprietor Tax – Completing and Submitting of returns including Provisional Tax returns
  • Monthly VAT returns
  • Monthly Electronic PAYE / SITE / VAT / SDL / UIF / WCA Returns
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Tax Registrations
  • UIF Registrations
  • Reconciliation of EMP 501 and drawing up of tax certificates with lodgement to SARS

No more penalties and interest on late payments

Anthurico offers accurate and up to date tax compliance for business, trusts and sole proprietor requirements. We will protect your financial interests by ensuring that you avoid penalties and interest on late payments.

Our income tax services include all aspects of document completion and liaison with SARS. We offer efficient administration and expert completion of returns.

Tax Services

Documents Required for Sole Proprietor Tax Return

Tax Assessment

Taxpayers are required to submit a tax return to SARS in order that SARS can calculate their tax liability based on the income they declare and the tax-deductible expenses they have incurred for a year of assessment. In some cases they may result in a refund to the taxpayer.

Period of Submission

The annual Tax Season is when you will be required to submit a return. For most taxpayers this runs from July to November every year.

Supporting Documents

When completing your tax return, we will require copies of the following list of supporting documents. We will need to refer to some of the supporting documents listed below, while completing your return; however, we may also be required to submit them to SARS. You must keep the originals safely in your possession for at least five years in case SARS needs access to them in future.

  • Your IRP5/IT3(a) certificate(s) which you will receive from your employer
  • Medical certificates as well as documents required for amounts claimed in addition to those covered by your medical aid.
  • Pension and retirement annuity certificates
  • Your banking details
  • Travel logbook (if you receive a travel allowance) plus the vehicle purchase agreement
  • Tax certificates that you received in respect of investment income (IT3(b))
  • Completed confirmation of diagnosis of disability (ITR-DD), where applicable
  • Information relating to capital gain transactions, if applicable
  • The approved Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) Agreement between yourself and SARS for years prior to 17 February 2010, where applicable
  • Financial statements, e.g. business income, where applicable
  • Any other documentation relating to income you received or deductions you want to claim
  • Set of accounts or all supporting documents to support deductions and income.

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